About us

Maylynn has been a dessert enthusiast and hyperactive baker since she was a child. She loves grand productions – full string orchestras, big hair, Busby Berkeley – so Pierre Hermé’s 20 page recipes instantly resonated with her. She loves the ridiculousness of making ten hour treats that are devoured in seconds.

After years of learning the art from books and accumulating lots of thermometers, she studied professional patisserie in Paris and regularly visits there to conduct ‘dessert research’ (which she is now pretty confident will be tax deductible).

Maylynn has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts and understands French best when spoken with an Italian accent.

Hugh is a man.

He is a recovering lawyer. As a solicitor, he made pretty good patisserie. He speaks French, having been dragged kicking and screaming to live in Toulouse when he was 16. He recently joined Maylynn to study the art of macarons in Paris and helped to uncover macaron secrets from master patissiers.

Hugh has a Masters from Yale and a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne.