Our macarons are $2.50 each, except for the 72% Cocoa Single Origin Venezuelan Chocolate and ‘Bastille’ (Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant), which are $2.80 each.

We have solid embossed gift boxes in sizes which hold 6 , 12 or 18 macarons for an additional $3.00/$4.00. See the “Our Boxes” page for available colours. We also have soft complimentary boxes which hold, 6, 12 or 18 macarons.

For orders of 200 macarons or more, we offer a 10% discount (i.e. from $2.25 per macaron). For orders of 500 pieces or more, we offer a 15% discount. For orders of 100 macarons or more we have cube boxes that hold 2 macarons each available in pale blue, ivory with gold embossing, ivory with silver embossing or clear cellophane. These are an additional $1.00/$1.25 per box.

For all custom orders please call us on 03 9024 4528 or email us on info@labellemiette.com.au .